Our service call is beyond implementation. We are dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses and other corporates to reach their goals through IT consulting and expert it support. We’ll work with you to help analyze your IT needs and provide you with the best security, service and IT solutions – all at a price that fits your budget.
We are given to providing our clients managed IT services and customized IT consulting that drives their success. Our company brings the experience and knowledge you need to make your business more successful through better managed IT support and it solutions.

Among the services we offer in these key areas are;

Network Design & Administration

From design and diagnostics to implementation and additions, Samnet Africa provides the connection for all your data networking needs. We work with knowledgeable partners trained in the all data related areas. Our experience with Data Centers gives us a technological advantage over other contractors.

We build and maintain copper and fiber optic networks for multimedia (voice, data, & video) systems. Our staff of network designers and technicians can help resolve the most complicated network problems and design issues to keep your business up and running.

Data Centre Support

We have a committed team of IT support specialists will monitor your data center, addressing needs when (and even before) they arise. Eliminate the costs and hassles of managing your IT in-house and spend time on growing your business by finding more leads, closing sales, meeting the needs of your customers and growing revenue.

From computer support, IT consulting, it outsourcing, helpdesk, data backup, disaster recovery, application hosting and email hosting, to managed services and cost cutting, we are your IT partner. We customize our IT Support plans to fit your needs so that you can worry less about IT and spend more time running your business.

Software Deploymet & Support

As your business grows and changes, you recognize the need for continual, high-quality IT infrastructure and support.
Today, thousands of retail stores, wholesale distributors, and service businesses use point of sale retail system solution to manage store sales and automate inventory control.
We work with our clients to develop creative, flexible support plans designed to fulfill the needs of their organizations. Regardless of your requirement, we are committed to delivering the highest quality support services. We provide support for a wide variety of off-the-shelf and custom business software on different operating systems, hardware, and technology platforms.

Access Control & Surveillance

We have quite expansive experience in secure entry systems evolving from a history of door locks and gates. Our area of specialization in access control systems in recent years has come to include technology innovations such as Keypad Entry Systems, Biometrics Access Control Systems, Proximity cards, Swipe cards.

In addition to secure entry/exit systems, we are also players in the closed circuit TV and surveilance systems. This is motivated by the fact that it is not only enough to monitor how a premise is accessed, but also monitoring the activities within the premise is of prominent importance.

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